Star Trek: TNG — The Light Fantastic

{4.5/5} Star Trek: The Next Generation — The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang, published in 2014

Data has left Starfleet and is living with his daughter Lal on Orion Prime — he inherited a casino there from his father Dr. Soong. Then Lal is kidnapped by someone he never expected to see again — Moriarty. Somehow Moriarty has escaped his holodeck prison into the real world, and what he wants is a real body. It’s an unusual book in the series since it doesn’t feature the crew of the Enterprise except Geordi, but it still feels like a Star Trek story — it cleverly weaves in characters and events we’ve seen before. The story is exciting and interesting, and shows how life is different when you have a child. It ends with the promise of another adventure — hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

I previously reviewed Lang’s novel Immortal Coil.

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