{4.5/5} “His ideas are informed by a painfully honest humanism, and everyone — even his enemies — agrees that he is one of the greatest theoreticians of the post-EU era. But his intellectual integrity prevents him from rising to the very top, and his fellow travelers are much ruder about him than his ideological enemies, accusing him of the ultimate political crime — valuing truth over power.”

Accelerando by Charles Stross, published in 2005

Amber escapes her mother’s clutches by going far, far away — to Jupiter. One of mother’s lawyers shows up at Jupiter, but Amber has declared herself Queen of the Ring Imperium so she can make her own rules. Meanwhile, she sends a copy of herself to visit some aliens — when the copy gets back she’s shocked at what the original has done. And the singularity is happening.

This is the first book by Stross I’ve read. It’s reminiscent of Neal Stephenson’s work. The language is sometimes difficult but it’s worth it to stick with it — it seems like Stross has travelled back from the future to give us this book. Some sections grabbed me more than others — the book’s sections started out as 9 short stories.


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