{4/5} “Don’t laugh, I’m being cool.”

Chappie, released in 2015

Crime has gotten so bad in Johannesburg that they’ve decided to try something completely different — a robotic police force. When Scout 22 is hit by a grenade he’s sent to be crushed — but he’s rescued by Deon, who’s going to transfers his brand new AI into the robot. Some criminals catch up with Deon first, and Deon trades the robot for his life.

It’s a bit like Robocop and a bit like Robot & Frank but it has its own unique story. There are some very funny parts. There are also some violent parts. The best parts are the parts when Chappie is learning from Deon or the robbers he’s hanging out with.

It isn’t the ultimate movie about consciousness, but it’s more interesting than Lucy or Transcendence.

Stars Hugh Jackman and Dev Patel. Directed by Neill Blomkamp (Elysium).

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