Fossil Hunter

{4.5/5} “We’re trying to save our entire race! It’s only knowledge that will let us do that. We have to shed our superstitions and fears the way a snake sheds its skin. We can’t cower in the face of what we might discover.”

Fossil Hunter by Robert J. Sawyer, published in 1993

Afsan had convinced his friend Dybo, now ruler of the Quintaglios, that their world would eventually disintegrate and they must leave it. Afsan’s mate Novato was in charge of the exodus project. Part of that project was a geological survey, which their son Toroca was in charge of. Toroca is different from all other Quintaglios in one way — he has no territorial instinct.

The story also contains a battle for the throne and a murder investigation. In between the regular chapters there are short chapters that describe what’s going on elsewhere in the universe.

It’s another terrific story. The character of Toroca has a few things in common with Darwin.

I previously reviewed the first book in the series, Far-Seer.

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