Motive (season 1)

{4.5/5} “‘We should wait for backup.’ ‘Yeah, we should.'”

Motive season 1, released in 2013

Angie and her partner Oscar are detectives who work homicides. They do whatever it takes to solve their cases, ignoring rules occasionally. Betty is the medical examiner they work with, who is always coming from a date when she shows up. Angie is also a single mother, and her son Manny is a teenager. In one case they realize that the killer poisoned a meal at a hotel, but the meal wasn’t eaten by the person who ordered it — so the victim was unintentional.

This is a cop show, of which there are many — but it has a bit of a different structure. You know who the murderer is right away, and the show is about filling in the details and background — until finally you know the motive. Apart from that the vibe is similar to Castle, except not quite as funny. I like the working out of the details, and the banter between Angie and Oscar.

I caught an episode of this show and decided to go back and watch it from the beginning — each season is short and there are three seasons, so far.

Stars Louis Ferreira and Lauren Holly. Amanda Tapping guest stars in the season finale.

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