Star Trek: Crisis of Consciousness

{4/5} “Instinctively, the Captain knew not to ask her who she was to try, convict, and carry out a sentence for past crimes. The consciousnesses within Zhatan probably remembered the atrocities they suffered. To her — to all of them — this was not something from a school lesson. It was their personal history.”

Star Trek: Crisis of Consciousness by Dave Galanter, published in 2015

The Federation has just signed a treaty with the Maalas. Kirk is ferrying a delegation back to their home planet when they’re interrupted by the Kenisians. The Kenisians claim that Maaba used to be their planet — and they want it back. When they meet a Kenisian, she claims that within her head are the consciousnesses of many of her ancestors.

Of the Enterprise characters, the focus is on Kirk and Spock. The book foreshadows a couple of things we know come later in the timeline. It’s an interesting story — about how long you should hold a grudge, and how long you should stick around after you die.

I previously reviewed Galanter’s novel Troublesome Minds.

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