{4.5/5} “You get off the boat for the first time and you realize you’re literally on another planet — the air smells different, the water tastes different, the moon’s the wrong size and it rises too fast… After a few weeks or months people get disoriented on some deep level. So they turn around and go home. Or else it snaps into place and it starts to feel normal.”

Axis by Robert Charles Wilson, published in 2007

Isaac is an unusual 12-year-old boy — he can point towards west after spinning around. He soon finds out that he’s an experiment — whose goal is to communicate with the Hypotheticals. Meanwhile, Lise Adams is trying to find out what happened to her father, who disappeared a decade ago. She suspects he may have taken the illegal Martian treatment and become a Fourth.

This book is a sequel to Spin. It takes place some years later, but one character from the first book is still around — Diane. It’s not as mind blowing as Spin, but the characters will take you through to the end. It’s about trying to figure out what’s going on in a universe that is much different from ours, and trying to live on a planet that is somewhat different from ours.

I previously reviewed Spin, the first book in the trilogy.

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