{5/5} “Not everyone is fortunate enough to understand their own talent. But you know yours. Well, use it — for your family, and for your country.”

Shackleton, aired in 2002

It’s 1914 and war seems imminent. Ernest Shackleton has made one journey to the Antarctic but he had to abandon his goal of the South Pole. Since then Amundsen reached the Pole and Shackleton’s career as a lecturer seems over. He decides to mount a different type of expedition — to go from one end of Antarctica to the other. Although it’s difficult to raise the funds for the expedition, Shackleton is determined.

This miniseries is based on a true story. The name of their ship is Endurance, and that’s what the miniseries is about. It’s the story of 28 very brave men. The conditions they endured for months are absolutely unthinkable. The show is very well done, and it’s amazing because it’s true.

Some filming was done in Iceland and Greenland.

Stars Kenneth Branagh. The majestic music is by Adrian Johnston.

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