Begin Again

{4.5/5} “What I love about music. The most banal scenes are suddenly invested with so much meaning, you know. All these banalities suddenly turn into these… these beautiful effervescent pearls.”

Begin Again, released in 2013

Gretta is a songwriter who’s just found out her boyfriend cheated on her. Dan is a music producer who’s just been fired by his long-time business partner. He happens to hear her sing and decides that he wants to produce her music — even though he’s no longer a music producer and she’s not sure she wants to do it.

It’s about music, and relationships. Mark Ruffalo is mesmerizing as always, and Keira Knightley impressively does her own singing. It’s light on plot, but if you liked Once you’ll like this one.

One of the best parts is when Gretta leaves a phone message for her boyfriend — the message is a song she’s just written.

Stars Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. Directed by John Carney (Once). The soundtrack is full of amazing songs — both songs you know and new ones.

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