The Human Division

{4.5/5} “If things continue as they are, based on historical CDF fatality rates, in three years we’ll no longer have sufficient forces to defend our colonies from predation and genocidal agression by other races… From there, our best estimate is that the Colonial Union as a political entity collapses within five to eight years. Without the overarching protective structure of the Colonial Union, all remaining human planets ares attacked and wiped out within twenty years.”

The Human Division by John Scalzi, published in 2013

The Colonial Union ship the Polk was on a diplomatic mission when it was destroyed — along with the escape pod. The Clarke is ordered to take over the Polk’s mission — negotiate with the Utche. But when they arrive they discover that a plan to sabotage the mission is still in play. Meanwhile, Earth has cut ties with the Colonial Union because of the information provided by John Perry and Jane Sagan.

This is the 5th book in the Old Man’s War series. It originated as a series of short stories, but it also comes together to form a larger story.

The story feels realistic — some bad things happen, and some good things happen. The story ends in a spot where you want to find out what’s next in this universe.

I previously reviewed book 4 in the series, Zoe’s Tale.

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