Last Week Tonight (season 2)

{5/5} “FIFA… An international crime syndicate that occasionally organizes soccer matches.”

Last Week Tonight season 2, aired in 2015

John Oliver, formerly of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, tackles all the issues of the day. He discusses important issues in a way that probably no other show does. He shows his outrage at things that are outrageous, and he also uses his great sense of humour. His frankness is refreshing.

Here are some topics covered this year:

  • municipal violations
  • government surveillance
  • standardized testing
  • food waste
  • mandatory sentencing
  • prisoner reentry
  • judicial elections
  • infrastructure
  • refugees
  • Canadian federal election

All of these topics are well worth talking about, and something needs to be done about all of them.

John also sometimes does the type of absurd thing that Stephen Colbert would do — like creating a new mascot for cigarettes and starting a church.

A third season is forthcoming.

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