{5/5} “You see, Orm, I’ve found a rent in the tapestry of time…. And through that rent I have glimpsed horror. But from that horror I have conceived an ambition as big as the world, Orm. It is nothing less than the final defeat of Islam, and the preservation of Christendom into the far future.”

Navigator by Stephen Baxter, published in 2007

When Orm first met his wife Eadgyth she spoke some mysterious words while possessed. She also told him to find Sihtric, brother to his lost love Godgifu. Years later Orm travels to Spain along with his young son, to finally see Sihtric. And to stop him from doing whatever he’s doing.

This book is the sequel to Conqueror. It’s in 3 parts: the year 1085 in Spain; 1242-8 in Spain, England, and Jerusalem; and 1472-91 in Spain and England. In each part there is a prophecy that someone is trying to understand, fulfill, or defeat.

It’s about a family that passes a secret from generation to generation — a secret about beings from the future who are trying to change the past. It’s about moments in history when things could have easily gone one way or the other.

The book takes place during the centuries when Christianity and Islam were constantly fighting. Then the Mongols, at first under Genghis Khan, came along and fought everybody.

If you have any interest in history, you should read this series. This book is even better than the first 2 books.

I previously reviewed Baxter’s novel The Time Ships.

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