What We Did on Our Holiday

{5/5} “I need a list… of the lies we’re going to tell. In case I forget one.”

What We Did on Our Holiday, released in 2014

Abi and Doug drive to Scotland for Doug’s father Gordie’s 75th birthday. Abi and Doug aren’t together any more but they’re pretending to be for this occasion. They’ve asked their three kids not to tell anyone about the separation but the kids may not really be on board with that plan. Gordie, who’s dying from cancer, decides to spend the day with his grandkids, while his other son has invited 214 guests for dinner.

It’s very funny right from the start. There’s some beautiful scenery.

It’s about life and death, and acting like a grownup. You should drop everything and watch it right now.

The child actors are amazing: Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge, and Harriet Turnbull.

Stars Rosamund Pike and Billy Connolly. There’s some Scottish flavoured music by Alex Heffes.

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