Authors you can’t go wrong with, part 7

This list continues from part 6.

Peter S. Beagle

Beagle also wrote the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Sarek.”

Christopher Bennett

Bennett’s Star Trek books are always worth reading.

Margaret Wander Bonanno

Bonanno has written some terrific Star Trek books, as well as one (Probe) that was rewritten against her wishes.

  • Great books
    • TOS: Burning Dreams
    • TOS: Dwellers in the Crucible
    • TOS: Strangers From the Sky

Diane Carey

Carey was a prolific Star Trek author in the old days.

  • Great books
    • TOS: Battlestations!
    • TOS: Best Destiny
    • TOS: Dreadnaught!
    • TOS: First Frontier (with Dr. James I. Kirkland)
    • TOS: Invasion #1 — First Strike
    • TNG: Ship of the Line

Christie Golden

With her Star Trek novels, Golden has focused on the Voyager series but also wrote a fitting final adventure for the Original Series crew.

  • Great books
    • TOS: The Last Roundup
    • VOY: The Farther Shore
    • VOY: Homecoming
    • VOY: Seven of Nine

Nalo Hopkinson

Hopkinson’s books are infused with her Carribean upbringing.

  • Great books
    • Brown Girl in the Ring
    • Midnight Robber

Jean Lorrah

Outside the Star Trek universe Lorrah is probably most famous for her Sime/Gen series with Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

  • Great books
    • TOS: The IDIC Epidemic
    • TOS: The Vulcan Academy Murders
    • TNG: Metamorphosis

James Morrow

Morrow’s books will make you laugh and think.

  • Great books
    • Only Begotten Daughter
    • Towing Jehovah

Jo Walton

I’ve also read some of Walton’s nonfiction book What Makes This Book So Great.

Peter Watts

Watts’ books are somewhat difficult to read but they contain fascinating ideas.

  • Great books
    • Blindsight
    • Starfish

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