Directors worth keeping an eye on, part 7

This list continues from part 6.

Marc Forster

Forster’s movies are all very different, but they’re worth watching whether they’re funny or tragic.

  • Masterpieces
    • Finding Neverland
    • The Kite Runner
  • Great movies
    • Stranger Than Fiction
    • World War Z

Ron Fricke

Fricke directs movies that have no plot or dialogue — they show you the world in a way you’ve never seen it before. He also worked as cinematographer on Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi.

  • Masterpiece
    • Baraka
  • Great movie
    • Samsara

Penny Marshall

Marshall is also known for her role as Laverne on Laverne & Shirley.

  • Masterpieces
    • Awakenings
    • A League of Their Own
  • Good movie
    • Big

George Miller

Miller is worth keeping an eye on because another Mad Max movie is forthcoming. He also co-wrote the screenplay for Babe.

  • Masterpiece
    • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Worth watching once or twice
    • Babe: Pig in the City
    • Mad Max
    • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
    • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Sarah Polley

Polley is also worth keeping an eye on as an actor, from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen to The Secret Life of Words. I’m guessing she’s taking a break at the moment to raise her kids but hope that she will be back.

  • Great movies
    • Away From Her
    • Take This Waltz

Sally Potter

Potter has made interesting movies with Elle Fanning and Tilda Swinton.

  • Great movie
    • Ginger & Rosa
  • Good movie
    • Orlando

Godfrey Reggio

Like Ron Fricke’s movies, Reggio’s are typically classified as documentaries. But they are different than anything else you’ve seen. He released a movie a couple of years ago that I haven’t seen yet — Visitors.

  • Masterpieces
    • Koyaanisqatsi
    • Powaqqatsi
  • Good movie
    • Naqoyqatsi

David O. Russell

Russell has directed 2 brilliant movies starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

  • Masterpiece
    • American Hustle
  • Great movie
    • Silver Linings Playbook

Martin Scorsese

Although Scorsese is known for his gangster movies which I’m not interested in, he has directed some other brilliant movies.

  • Masterpieces
    • The Aviator
    • Kundun
  • Great movies
    • Hugo
    • The Last Temptation of Christ
  • Well made but not my style
    • The Departed
  • Mediocre but has its moments
    • The King of Comedy

Lynne Shelton

Shelton has directed superb movies with Keira Knightley and Emily Blunt. She’s also directed some TV episodes including New Girl.

  • Great movies
    • Laggies
    • Your Sister’s Sister

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