A Turn of Light

{4.5/5} “‘Because you were born at a turn of light,’ the dragon said. ‘As such, you belong to the Verge as well as Marrowdell. The Verge is where I am from. It is–‘ As he paused to search for words, she waited, her heart hammering in her chest, for what he told her was strange and true and more important than anything. ‘–it is a place of magic, you might say. Those who are turn-born are able to impose their will.'”

A Turn of Light by Julie E. Czerneda, published in 2013

Marrowdell is an unusual place. A small number of farming families live there. The people are friendly, but some people who arrive from outside have to leave — because of the dreams. In Marrowdell a toad will keep your house free of mice, and lay eggs if you give it pebbles. Jenn would like to see the world but she can’t leave, because of a curse. She uses magic to turn her elusive friend Wisp into a man — she thinks she will marry him. But around the time she turns 19 Jenn is surprised by many secrets and revelations.

This is a delightful story. The magic feels natural.

It’s about finding out that the world isn’t what you thought it was. It’s about friendship, love, and mysterious creatures.

If you read fantasy, you should read this book. If you don’t read fantasy, you probably won’t start with this one since it’s 800 pages — but you could.

Czerneda is one of my favourite authors. I’ve read most of her science fiction — I’ll read the rest when she finishes her current series. This is her first fantasy novel.

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