Dark Places

{4.5/5} “The truly frightening flaw in humanity is our capacity for cruelty — we all have it.”

Dark Places, released in 2015

Libby was 8 years old when her parents and sisters were killed in their sleep. Her brother Ben has been sitting in jail for the last 28 years. A man named Lyle writes to her about the Kill Club, a group he belongs to that discusses real life murders. Since she’s almost out of money she agrees to attend a meeting — and talk about what happened that night.

The movie goes back and forth between the day of the murder and the present.

It’s about the truth, family, and forgiveness.

It’s a gripping story brought to you by terrific actors.

The answer to the mystery is stunning.

Stars Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and Christina Hendricks.

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