FASS’s “Who’s Afraid of the FASS?”

I went to FASS’s annual performance, this one titled “Who’s Afraid of the FASS?”

FASS stands for Faculty, Alumni, Staff and Students. It’s an organization at the University of Waterloo that reconstitutes itself each year to put on a musical.

This year’s theme was that we were watching a TV show investigating various claims of ghosts on the University of Waterloo campus. This theme was applied fairly loosely. For example, how did the pirates fit in — were they on Laurel Creek?

Some of the jokes I didn’t hear and some of them I didn’t get, but that still left plenty that I found funny. If you know me, you know how much I like to laugh — there was someone sitting near me who was laughing even more than me.

The show includes popular songs that have been rewritten with new lyrics. Included were “Pirate Queen” (“Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift) and “If they Bite the Dust Tonight” (“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John).

The biggest problem, and it’s a perennial one, is that you can’t always hear the words that the singers are singing. Some of them have microphones, and that definitely helps. Sometimes the band is too loud versus the singers and sometimes the singers just don’t have enough projection.

Overall, it was highly enjoyable.

If you’re reading this on February 6th, you have one last chance to see the show tonight.

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