The X-Files (season 10)

{4/5} “I believe that you will find all of your answers… and I will be there when you do.”

The X-Files season 10, aired in 2016

Skinner asks Mulder and Scully to return to the FBI and the X-Files. They meet someone who’s the opposite of a werewolf — he was a creature, a man bit him, and now he sometimes turns into a man. They track a creature who protects homeless people — and can tear a person apart with its bare hands. They try outside-the-box ideas to talk to a brain-dead terrorist to find out where his group is striking next.

The previous season of the show was 14 years ago and the last movie was 8 years ago.

I was very excited about this when it was announced. When the first episode aired, I was a bit disappointed. It was OK — if it had been the first of 26 it would have been fine. But there are only 6 episodes so you don’t have time to waste on anything that isn’t brilliant.

There are 2 things I would have done differently. I would have kept Mulder and Scully as a couple — it took them so long to get there and they should have stayed that way. I wouldn’t have brought the Cigarette Smoking Man back from the dead — too many people come back from the dead in science fiction, and this was unnecessary.

It seems like they didn’t have a big plan to bring The X-Files back — it was just a random idea. For best results, don’t think of these 6 episodes as a season — think of them as a teaser for more episodes to come.

One more warning: it ends on a cliffhanger.

It didn’t quite live up to my high expectations, but I enjoyed most of each episode — if and when it returns, I’ll be watching.

Stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

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