Major Crimes (season 4)

{4.5/5} “It’s always the husband.”

Major Crimes season 4, aired in 2015-16

The team deals with reality show contestants, a supermodel, spyware, gangs, murdered cops, a withdrawn confession, and a man who films the people he murders. Flynn has a health scare that he has to take time off to deal with. Provenza’s girlfriend Patrice moves in with him — and wants to get rid of some stuff. Rusty is trying to become a journalist.

This cop show doesn’t have a gimmick — it’s just a quality show. It’s mainly serious but there are moments of levity. The characters are interesting, and there’s a bit of an ongoing storyline.

The last 5 episodes of the season form one big story.

Stars Graham Patrick Martin and Jonathan Del Arco.

Guest stars include Jamie Bamber, Alan Ruck, and Tom Berenger.

I previously reviewed season 3.

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