Murdoch Mysteries (season 1)

{5/5} “No, no, no, those are aphorisms. I only have one motto, and that’s ‘follow the money.'”

Murdoch Mysteries season 1, aired in 2008

William Murdoch is a detective in Toronto in 1895 — he gets around town on his bicycle. He works with Constable George Crabtree, who’s a bit clumsy but hard working. They work for Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, who’s a bit old fashioned but is learning to trust Murdoch’s methods. Then there’s Dr. Julia Ogden, who examines the dead bodies that show up at the morgue — Murdoch is very fond of her.

The first 6 seasons each have 13 episodes.

Although you wouldn’t call it a comedy, it’s certainly very funny at times. It’s funnier than Major Crimes but not as funny as Castle.

In one case the prime suspect is Murdoch’s father, whom he hasn’t seen in years.

Murdoch occasionally interacts with historical figures, like Nicola Tesla and Arthur Conan Doyle.

The mysterious theme music is delightful, as is the music during the show.

Stars Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy.

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