Supergirl (season 1)

{4.5/5} “If I get sick, I will underperform. If I underperform, our stock prices will fall, thousands of people will lose their job, the S & P will take a hit, and you will personally have triggered the next recession. Do you want to be the next Lehman Brothers?”

Supergirl season 1, aired in 2015-16

Kara is Superman’s cousin, and she was also sent to Earth when Krypton exploded. She has hidden her powers from the world for years, but she reveals them in order to save a plane that her adopted sister is on. She decides to become Supergirl to protect the people of National City, particularly from some prisoners from Krypton — who arrived on Earth when she did.

I was excited about this show for months after seeing the preview — I love the tone of the show. Gotham is brilliant but this is a friendlier show.

There are some flashbacks to when Kara was a girl back on Krypton.

In one episode Supergirl encounters the Flash (from the TV show The Flash). The season finale is terrific and it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.

Stars Melissa Benoist and Calista Flockhart.

Helen Slater (Supergirl in the movie) and Dean Cain (Superman in Lois & Clark) play Kara’s adopted parents.

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