The Truman Show

{5/5} “They’re just going round and round.”

The Truman Show, released in 1998

Truman is an insurance salesman whose dream is to visit Fiji. But he can’t leave the island his town is on — his dad died in a boating accident when he was a kid. Unbeknownst to Truman, his whole life has been a reality show — all the people in his town are actors. But strange things have been happening lately, and he knows something is not right.

This is one of my favourite movies. If I could give it a rating higher than 5/5 I would. It’s a perfect movie — thrilling, funny, and poignant.

It’s the movie in which Jim Carrey proved he could do drama as well as comedy.

Stars Ed Harris and Laura Linney. Directed by Peter Weir (Picnic at Hanging Rock). The soundtrack consists of glorious music by Philip Glass, slightly more pedestrian music by Burkhard Dallwitz (portrayed as the music in the show within the show), and a bit of Mozart.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen it.

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