{4.5/5} “The changeling changed. It would never be human, but it was human enough for something like empathy with its professors. They were trying to understand, and teach about, the human condition — but were themselves trapped in human bodies; stuck in human culture like ancient insects in amber.”

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman, published in 2004

There’s an alien who’s been on Earth for millions of years. It took the shape of a shark, a killer whale, then a dolphin — and now it’s taken the shape of a human. Decades later an object is found at the bottom of the ocean. It’s impossibly heavy but obviously extraterrestrial in origin. The alien — along with another alien it doesn’t know about — is drawn to this object.

The book switches back and forth between two storylines and eventually adds a third — all are interesting. One storyline skips through the decades, showing what the alien is doing in different time periods.

When you get close to the end you’ll wonder how things are going to wrap up, but things do wrap up pretty nicely — with just a hint of a deus ex machina.

The perspectives of the aliens are definitely worth reading.

I previously reviewed Haldeman’s Old Twentieth.

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