Murdoch Mysteries (season 5)

{5/5} “You see, Detective Murdoch focuses on the physical evidence. I prefer to explore the inner workings of the human mind. That’s why he and I make such a good team.”

Murdoch Mysteries season 5, aired in 2012

Julia married Darcy, and Murdoch freed a woman who had murdered a man who had assaulted her. Murdoch has thrown away his police badge and moved to the Yukon to pan for gold. Meanwhile, George has become acting detective. Julia has taken on a protege, Dr. Emily Grace. When William returns to Toronto, Julia decides that she can’t keep working with him and she will start her own practice. Meanwhile, George has published his murder mystery novel.

It’s another amazing season filled with top-notch episodes.

Murdoch encounters Jack London while he’s in the Yukon. He also interacts with Alexander Graham Bell back in Toronto.

In the middle of the season there’s a 2-part episode. When Anna Fulford returns to Toronto, Murdoch is worried for her safety since there’s a price on her head.

The season finale is a crucial episode. It partly takes place on December 31, 1899.

Dr. Grace is played by Georgina Reilly.

I previously reviewed season 4.

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