The Spy Who Loved Me

{4/5} “‘I have never failed on a mission, Commander. Any mission.’ ‘In that case, Major, one of us is bound to end up gravely disappointed, because neither have I.'”

The Spy Who Loved Me, released in 1977

A British nuclear submarine has disappeared — they believe the Russians are behind it. They send their best agent, James Bond, to investigate — starting with a lead in Cairo. A Russian submarine has also disappeared. They also send their best agent to investigate, Anya Amasova. When they realize that someone else is behind the thefts, Bond and Amasova have to work together.

This shows what Roger Moore can do with a good script — it’s significantly better than the previous 2 entries in the series.

The banter between Bond and Amasova is terrific. This movie also introduced the character of Jaws, the henchman with the metal teeth.

A fair amount of the movie is filmed in Egypt, showing some of the amazing ancient monuments.

Stromberg isn’t the most iconic villain, but he does have a great lair which can sit above or below the water — and he feeds his enemies to the sharks.

The car Bond drives in this movie is possibly his best one — it can drive underwater.

Stars Barbara Bach and Richard Kiel. Directed by Lewis Gilbert (You Only Live Twice). The music by Marvin Hamlisch is quite different than other music in the series — I do like parts of it.

This is probably the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed The Man with the Golden Gun.

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