Murdoch Mysteries (season 7)

{5/5} “‘Sir, many people believe that a race of beings live inside the hollows of the Earth.’ ‘I don’t know what to say to that, George.'”

Murdoch Mysteries season 7, aired in 2013-14

While onboard a ship Murdoch investigates both a missing young woman and a dead body. Murdoch and Crabtree chase a suspect to Newfoundland, where Murdoch finally meets Crabtree’s aunts. A thief goes around stealing diamonds — by tunnelling up into the stores from underground. Julia answers her father’s summons, only to find that he has died — and she’s the only one who thinks his death is suspicious. Meanwhile, George is devastated to find that Emily is more interested in Leslie Garland than him.

Starting this season, each season has 18 episodes.

The episode in which James Pendrick directs a moving picture that eventually stars Crabtree is particularly hilarious.

It’s another thrilling season.

I previously reviewed season 6.

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