Men in Black

{4.5/5} “I’ve never seen sugar do that.”

Men in Black, released in 1997

James is a NYPD officer who chases down a crook who turns out to be an alien from another planet. He’s then recruited by K into a secret organization that monitors and polices aliens on Earth. From now on he will be known as J. When some aliens show up demanding that they “deliver the galaxy” or Earth will be destroyed, J and K have to figure out what’s going on.

This movie is very funny. I particularly like the scene where J is being tested along with a bunch of other potential recruits. And the scene where the spaceship hits the farmer’s truck — the alien takes his skin and comes back and asks the farmer’s wife for sugar water.

Vincent D’Onofrio is brilliant as the alien antagonist. As for Will Smith, I think his acting has improved a bit since this movie.

Stars Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Fiorentino, and Rip Torn. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black 3). The music by Danny Elfman is iconic and highly enjoyable.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen it.

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