Murdoch Mysteries (season 8)

{5/5} “All right. Lying is one thing. Attacking the integrity of the great sport of wrestling, that is quite another.”

Murdoch Mysteries season 8, aired in 2014-15

Thomas Brackenreid has retired after being beaten and left for dead — he’s taken up painting. Julia and Emily have joined the movement to get women the vote. Meanwhile, William and Julia are planning their wedding. Meanwhile, murders aren’t going to solve themselves. When some people think the Holy Grail may be hidden within a mysterious building in a forest Murdoch ventures inside to find the truth. Meanwhile, George spends quite a bit of time with Edna, a woman he used to know years ago.

In addition to exciting cases, the show also presents a glimpse into the changing times, such as womaen running for office.

Murdoch works one case with famous American lawman Bat Masterson. Murdoch meets Thomas Edison when he arrests his son for murder.

Patrick McKenna guest stars in the 2-part season premiere.

I previously reviewed season 7.

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