{4.5/5} “Be the you you were meant to be.”

Advantageous, released in 2015

Gwen has lost her job as spokesperson for a company that has developed a procedure to make people younger — they want a younger spokesperson. The job market is tough, particularly for women, and Gwen is having trouble finding something — in desperation she even calls her mother for help. Gwen then makes the only decision she can to give her daughter Jules what she deserves — she agrees to undergo the procedure so she can get her job back.

Like Midnight Special, this is a low budget science fiction movie. I found the details more interesting in this one.

It’s about the relationship between a woman and her daughter, and it’s about the intersection of limited choices and new technology.

This potential aspect of the future has been explored in books but not many movies yet — this is one to watch.

Stars Jacqueline Kim. Directed by Jennifer Phang (Half-Life). There’s some lovely violin music (played on screen by a man on a park bench) — the music is by Timo Chen.

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