For Your Eyes Only

{3/5} “I’m a good judge of man. You have what the Greeks call ‘thrausos’ — guts.”

For Your Eyes Only, released in 1981

A British nuclear submarine is destroyed off the coast of Albania. When they ask a marine archaeologist to find the wreck, he and his wife are killed by a Cuban hit man. James Bond is sent to investigate, and he encounters Melina, the daughter of the marine archaeologist. She’s out for revenge.

The opening scene doesn’t bode well — bringing back Blofeld after a 10-year absence was a bit of an odd choice, especially since I’m guessing people thought he was dead.

The Italian and Greek scenery is very nice. But the story didn’t grab me very much. It is a better movie than its immediate predecessor, Moonraker — it’s more serious.

Stars Roger Moore, Topol, and Carole Bouquet. Directed by John Glen (Octopussy). The music by Bill Conti has a distinctly 70s sound to it.

This is probably the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed Moonraker.

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