Murdoch Mysteries (season 9)

{5/5} “I’ll tell you, Murdoch, these chicken wings are the only good thing about Buffalo.”

Murdoch Mysteries season 9, aired in 2015-16

George is in prison after being convicted of shooting Edna’s husband. When someone is stabbed at the prison, George teams up with former Chief Constable Giles to figure out who did it. Meanwhile, Emily and Lillian are getting ready to leave for London, England. Meanwhile, Murdoch isn’t very excited about dealing with a new coroner.

Murdoch gets a visit from a childhood acquaintance — who believes someone is committing murders because of a murder they discovered 28 years ago.

Although the show is often funny, there is also tragedy in the lives of the characters.

Murdoch meets Mark Twain when the latter is shot at at a speaking engagement. George meets Lucy Maud Montgomery when he teaches a writing class.

William Shatner guest stars as Mark Twain.

I previously reviewed season 8.

Season 10 is coming soon.

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