Star Trek: Legacies — Captain to Captain

{4.5/5} “The familiar whine of the transporter, accompanied by a distinctive tingling sensation, sent a thrill of anticipation through Una, who, as always, relished the prospect of exploring a new and alien world. As far as she knew, the landing party would be the first visitors from the Federation to ever set foot on Libros III; that the enigmatic Newcomers had apparently beaten Starfleet to the planet did little to dampen her enthusiasm. She hoped she never got so old and jaded that beaming down to a new planet became routine.”

Star Trek: Legacies Book 1 — Captain to Captain by Greg Cox, published in 2016

Captain Pike called his first officer “Number One” but she was also known as Una. She’s now a captain, and Kirk welcomes her aboard the Enterprise for a visit. But she repays his hospitality by stealing a secret item from his quarters and running off with it. The Transfer Key is an artifact that Starfleet doesn’t know about. The only people who know about it are Captain April, Captain Pike, and Captain Kirk — and their first officers.

This is the 1st book in a trilogy written to celebrate Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary.

In a long flashback we see the Enterprise under the command of its first captain, Robert April — when Una was a lieutenant.

The story has an interesting connection to the episode “Mirror, Mirror.”

I wasn’t sure about the secret item premise at first but Cox makes it make sense.

It was highly enjoyable — and ends with a new complication, which means you’ll want to pick up the sequel right away.

I previously reviewed Cox’s Star Trek: Child of Two Worlds.

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