The problem with movie music

The article/video below talks about how directors use “temp music” while they’re editing their movie to give it the feel they want. This music is supposed to be temporary, but the directors become so used to it during the process of putting together the movie that they sometimes ask their composer to write something similar.

You can see in the video a group of prominent composers complaining about this practice.

You can also see in the video how no one on the street can sing a song from the Marvel movies. I listen to more movie music than the average person. At this moment I can sing the themes from The Avengers and Ant-Man, and there are a couple of other themes that I would recognize but can’t recall.

That’s from a total of 13 Marvel movies — they certainly could have done better in the music department.

How Hollywood’s temp scores are hurting your favorite action movies

On this blog I will celebrate great movie music — upcoming will be a list of memorable soundtracks, sorted by composer.

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