Best fantasy novels by decade

Here’s the fantasy list. As I read more books things might change, especially in the decade that’s not done yet.

Winner Runner Ups
Decade Author Title Author Title
2010s Claire North The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August Julie E. Czerneda A Turn of Light
Will McIntosh Hitchers
Carrie Vaughn After the Golden Age
Jo Walton Among Others
2000s Audrey Niffenegger The Time Traveler’s Wife Guy Gavriel Kay The Last Light of the Sun
Elizabeth Kostova The Historian
Jo Walton Tooth and Claw
Sarah Zettel A Sorcerer’s Treason
1990s Guy Gavriel Kay Tigana Joanne Bertin The Last Dragonlord
Charles de Lint Someplace to Be Flying
Robin Hobb Assassin’s Apprentice
George R. R. Martin A Game of Thrones
Yves Meynard The Book of Knights
Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman Good Omens
Anne Rice The Witching Hour
Sean Russell The Initiate Brother
Sean Stewart Nobody’s Son
1980s Orson Scott Card Seventh Son Ken Grimwood Replay
Barbara Hambly Dragonsbane
Tim Powers The Anubis Gates
Fred Saberhagen The First Book of Swords
1970s Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire Richard Adams Watership Down
Terry Brooks The Sword of Shannara
Stephen R. Donaldson Lord Foul’s Bane
William Goldman The Princess Bride
1960s Ursula K. Le Guin A Wizard of Earthsea Peter S. Beagle The Last Unicorn
Jack Vance The Eyes of the Overworld
1950s J. R. R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings Jack Vance The Dying Earth
1940s Mervyn Peake Titus Groan
1930s J. R. R. Tolkien The Hobbit

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