{4/5} “No road in, no road out, and the depths of the forest inviolable, the depths of its trees and waters unknown and unseen, though so wide and ramified that — even though no one has ever seen anything of the kind — everyone in Commoner Town believes there is something there that will emerge, someday, to the astonishment of them all.”

Grass by Sheri S. Tepper, published in 1989

There’s a plague spreading throughout the galaxy — it has no known cure. There’s one place that doesn’t have the plague, a planet called Grass. An ambassador is sent there to find out all they can about any possible cure. When the ambassador’s family arrives, they immediately witness “the Hunt,” in which Grassians ride monster horses who seem to be somehow in control of the situation.

It might not completely grab you right away, but things are kicked up a notch in the second half.

It’s about the mysteries of the planet Grass. It’s about the people and other beings who live on Grass, and the people who are visiting.

This is the 2nd novel by Tepper I’ve read — I read The Gate to Women’s Country many years ago.

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