Other TV shows I’ve watched lately

These are shows I’ve seen lately but haven’t watched every single episode of. The previous iteration of this post is here.

{4/5} Celebrity Name Game (season 2)

This is a game show — you won’t learn anything important but it’s fast paced fun. Craig Ferguson is the host — he’s a big part of why it’s worth watching, because he’s very funny. There are 2 teams of 2 (each team consists of people who are related or know each other), they try to guess celebrity names, and they’re assisted by 2 actual celebrities. It’s in 4 rounds and in the last round the winning team of the previous rounds plays for $20 000. You’ll be cheering for them to win.

{4.5/5} The Daily Show (season 21)

Trevor Noah took over as host of The Daily Show after Jon Stewart retired. Of course Jon Stewart’s version of the show was brilliant and it would be tough for anyone else to live up to his example. But Trevor does a great job, along with his young correspondents. Trevor brought needed attention to the faults of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate (unfortunately Trump supporters probably weren’t watching this show). He also interviews a wide variety of interesting people — including President Obama near the end of the year. Michelle Wolf, who contributes occasionally, is particularly funny.

I previously reviewed seasons 19 & 20.

{5/5} Full Frontal (season 1)

Samantha Bee, formerly on The Daily Show, got her own show — she’s the only female to host a show on late night TV. Samantha is fearless — she even interviewed Glenn Beck. She’s also funny, and has a razor sharp wit. It’s similar to The Daily Show but she doesn’t do studio interviews. Samantha typically focuses more on one issue, which usually has to do with politics — but she’ll go anywhere there’s injustice.

{4.5/5} The Nightly Show (season 1)

Larry Wilmore, formerly on The Daily Show, got his own show (in the former slot of The Colbert Report after that show ended). In the first segment Larry would talk about recent events, and then several guests would join him for a panel discussion on one topic. Although the topics were worth discussing, I often felt that more time was needed to go into more detail. Larry would often ask his guests a “Keep it 100” question — where he would give them a sticker if he felt they kept their answer 100% real. He sometimes answered a “Keep it 100” question himself too. This show has been cancelled.

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