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Here’s an updated version of this list. If there’s a * in the “My rating” column then I have some interest in watching the show. If there’s nothing there then I have no particular interest in watching it.

Here is the list I’m commenting on.

Their ranking Title My rating My comments
1 Star Trek – The Next Generation 5 Brilliant from the 3rd season — you’ll follow these characters anywhere.
2 Battlestar Galactica (new) 5 With a focus on character, it’s brilliant right from the very beginning.
3 Stargate SG-1 4.5 A series with two very funny characters — Jack O’Neill and Vala Mal Doran.
4 The X-Files 5 FBI agents investigating paranormal cases — brilliant from the 3rd season to the 8th.
5 Star Trek (Original Series) 4.5 Some episodes better than others, but gives you hope for the future of humanity.
6 Babylon 5 5 Set on a space station, its 5-year story arc was planned out ahead of time.
7 Farscape 3.5 I watched a season and a half, but it wasn’t grabbing me.
8 Stargate – Atlantis 4.5 A Stargate team relocates to the Pegasis galaxy — they explore and defend themselves.
9 Firefly 5 Every single episode was brilliant — succeeded by the movie “Serenity.”
10 Doctor Who (2005) *  
11 Star Trek – Deep Space Nine 5 From the 3rd season, the most consistently brilliant Star Trek series.
12 Star Trek – Voyager 4.5 Had some 5/5 episodes but never reached the consistency of TNG or DS9.
13 Futurama 4.5 Many episodes are very funny and science fictionally clever.
14 Doctor Who    
15 Star Trek – Enterprise 4.5 Kept improving each year and its 4th and final season was amazing.
16 The Twilight Zone *  
17 Lost 5 A plane crashes on what seems like a deserted island — but it’s not.
18 Red Dwarf *  
19 Quantum Leap *  
20 Heroes 4.5 A show about what would happen if people with super powers really existed.
21 Fringe 5 An FBI team invesigates paranormal cases — and finds out there’s a parallel universe.
22 Stargate Universe 4.5 A group of military and civilians are on a ship hurtling through the galaxy — and they can’t stop it.
23 Battlestar Galactica (original)    
24 Eureka *  
25 Sliders    
26 Smallville    
27 The Outer Limits *  
28 Andromeda    
29 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1981) 4.5 A much better/funnier adaptation of the book than the more recent movie.
30 Dark Angel    
31 V (1984)    
32 Torchwood    
33 The 4400    
34 Terminator (Sarah Connor) *  
35 Blake’s 7    
36 The Prisoner 3.5 A show from the 1960s where a spy is captured and kept in a strange town.
37 Space – Above and Beyond    
38 Space 1999    
39 Mystery Science Theater 3000   I’ve seen a few episodes — they range from amusing to hilarious.
40 Dune (2000) 3.5 This is a miniseries — the sequel “Children of Dune” is even better.
41 The Avengers (with Emma Peel)    
42 Cowboy Bebop    
43 Lost in Space    
44 The Outer Limits (1995) * I saw some of this show — it was usually quite good.
45 Lexx    
46 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century    
47 Alien Nation    
48 Dollhouse 4.5 Had great potential and a couple of episodes were 5/5.
49 Alias *  
50 Roswell    
51 Third Rock From the Sun   I saw a fair amount of this show — my guess is I’d give it 4.5.
52 seaQuest DSV (& 2032)    
53 Sanctuary   Saw a couple of episodes — they were OK but didn’t grab me too much.
54 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea    
55 UFO    
56 The Man From U.N.C.L.E.    
57 Lois & Clark (New Superman)    
58 Time Tunnel    
59 Kolchak – The Night Stalker    
60 Thunderbirds    
61 Max Headroom – The Series *  
62 The Wild, Wild West    
63 The Six Million Dollar Man    
64 Ghost in the Shell: SAC    
65 The Invaders    
66 Earth 2 3.5 It started off with a bang and had great potential.
67 Crusade 4 Would have been great if it had gone according to J. Michael Straczynski’s plans.
68 V (2009)    
69 ALF   I watched this as a kid. I’ve seen a few episodes more recently — they’re amusing.
70 Earth – Final Conflict    
71 The Adventures of Superman    
72 Batman    
73 Millennium    
74 Logan’s Run    
75 Get Smart    
76 The (New) Twilight Zone *  
77 My Favorite Martian    
78 Taken    
79 Planet of the Apes 3 For fans of the movies, this half season-long series is watchable.
80 The Jetsons    
81 Neon Genesis Evangelion    
82 Adventures of Brisco County Jr    
83 The Incredible Hulk    
84 Æon Flux    
85 Star Trek (Animated Series)   I’ve seen a few episodes — I would likely give it a 2.
86 Wonder Woman    
87 Mork and Mindy    
88 Falling Skies    
89 Science Fiction Theatre    
90 Knight Rider   I watched this show as a kid — somehow I don’t think it would be as great now.
91 Primeval    
92 The Greatest American Hero   I liked it as a kid, but found it unwatchable as an adult.
93 Sapphire and Steel    
94 Land of the Giants    
95 Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons    
96 Warehouse 13    
97 Amazing Stories    
98 The Bionic Woman    
99 Jeremiah 4.5 A post-apocalyptic show from J. Michael Straczynski — it lasted two full seasons.
100 Invasion    

Here are a few shows still missing from the list:

  Caprica 4.5 A spinoff of “Battlestar Galactica,” it takes place when Cylons were just being created for the first time.
  Dark Matter 4.5 Six people aboard a spaceship wake up from cryosleep with no memories of who they are.
  Flashforward 4.5 Based on the book by Robert J. Sawyer — everyone experiences a glimpse 6 months into the future.
  Revolution 4 A post-apocalyptic show — the lights go out all around the world, and some people know why.
  Terra Nova 4 Time travel and dinosaurs — the first season finale showed what it could be, but it was cancelled.
  Threshold 4 What do we do when an extraterrestrial object appears — just getting good when it was cancelled.

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