Star Trek: Prey — The Jackal’s Trick

{4.5/5} “Discommendation had taken their heritage away, stolen it from generations of Klingons on Thane whose only crime had been being born to the wrong parents. They owed the Empire and its morals nothing — and their savior, all.”

Star Trek: Prey — The Jackal’s Trick by John Jackson Miller, published in 2016

The Unsung are Klingons who have been discommendated. They believe their leader is Kruge, but he’s really a Betazoid con artist — working with Korgh, head of the House of Kruge. Korgh won’t be satisfied until he drives a wedge between the Klingons and the Federation. Captain Picard and Admiral Riker are working hard to prevent that.

There’s a flashback that includes Sulu, Tuvok, and Curzon Dax.

It’s about what happens when some people with power fool millions of people.

The story started out with the Klingons and the Federation but has widened to include the Romulans, the Kinshaya, and the Breen. It also harkens back to the Next Generation episode with Ardra (“Devil’s Due”).

This is probably the Star Trek book most like a James Clavell novel — with lots of plotting and double crossing. It’s fast past and exciting.

I previously reviewed the 1st book in the series, Hell’s Heart.

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