The Edge of Seventeen

{4/5} “Hey, wake up. You had a brain operation. It worked. They made you pleasant and agreeable… Ah, just wishful daydreaming.”

The Edge of Seventeen, released in 2016

Nadine is having a tough time in high school. Her father died a few years ago. The one bright spot is her best friend Krista. But one night at a party Krista hooks up with Nadine’s brother Darian. Which is so horrible Nadine can’t even believe it — she tells Krista she has to choose between her and Darian.

It’s about how tough life is as a teenager, which is a story that’s been done before but it’s done well here. It’s about dealing with what life throws at you, and figuring out who your friends are.

There are some memorable moments, particularly involving Nadine’s teacher played by Woody Harrelson. It doesn’t quite add up to a great movie, but I might not be the target audience.

Stars Hailee Steinfeld and Kyra Sedgwick. Directed by Kelly Fremon Craig (writer of Post Grad). The soundtrack is full of pop songs.

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