Murdoch Mysteries (season 10)

{5/5} “Now, since this will be a thoroughly modern home, I have an idea of how we could recruit energy from the planet itself…”

Murdoch Mysteries season 10, aired in 2016-17

Julia hasn’t been herself lately — she keeps seeing Eva Pearce, the woman Julia killed in self-defense. William has found a spot for them to build their dream house. When a man William put in jail 12 years ago for murder is released William vows to make sure he returns to jail — but he has been removed from the case. When Miss James doubts that a fellow medical student committed suicide she decides to investigate herself.

The Christmas episode is a double-length one — with some Robin Hood-type stealing, carol singing, a puzzle for Julia, and a graphic novel by George.

The season finale is fairly shocking, with several main characters in jeopardy.

Stars Mouna Traoré, Lachlan Murdoch, and Erin Agostino.

I previously reviewed season 9.

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