Star Trek: Savage Trade

{4/5} “It is most unusual, although not unheard of, that members of my species leave our planetary home…  Excalbians simply don’t want to go anywhere else. The usual excuse is that we are far too busy exploring the inner space of our being to bother with mere physical reality.”

Star Trek: Savage Trade by Tony Daniel, published in 2015

Captain Kirk finds everyone gone and evidence of a firefight at a scientific research station that had stopped communicating a week ago. It was on the edge of Federation space, so it’s tough to know who might have paid them a visit. Then they find a trail to follow, and it leads them to a man who looks an awful lot like George Washington.

This is a sequel to “The Savage Curtain” in which Kirk meets the Excalbians for the first time (one of whom looks like Abraham Lincoln).

It’s about dealing with beings who are very different from you.

This is a good story but not quite as interesting as most Star Trek books I read.

I previously reviewed Daniel’s novel Devil’s Bargain.

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