Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 1

{3.5/5} “If I die… now… my whole life was nothing! All the destruction I’ve caused… unatoned for. It can’t have all been a waste!”

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 1 by Peter David & Todd McFarlane, published in 2005 (comics originally published in 1987-88)

Bruce Banner has finally gotten rid of his Hulk. But there’s a new Hulk — it’s his friend Rick Jones. Despite the risks, Bruce thinks the only way to stop the new Hulk is to turn back into the Hulk himself. Meanwhile, his wife Betty is so shocked by this decision that she thinks about leaving him.

This is the beginning of Peter David’s decade-long run on The Incredible Hulk. The first few issues in this set are pretty boring but it builds enough that by the end I would consider continuing reading.

David manages to inject his trademark humour a bit in the later issues.

The artwork is apparently typical for 1980s comics, but it’s fairly uninteresting. There’s a preview at the end for David’s more recent return to Hulk — that artwork is stunning.

Although I haven’t read anything by David lately, I have read many of his books and comics — particularly in the Star Trek universe.

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