The Dragon’s Eye

{4/5} “He pointed east, where a green-tinged dot, so dazzling that a glimpse was enough to hurt one’s retina, climbed above the horizon. The Eye of the Dragon: the other star in the Epsilon Bootis binary, a blazing A2 blue-white dwarf. Within all the windows flashed a fluorescing message: DO NOT LOOK AT THE EYE OF THE DRAGON! in English, pinyin, and even old Chinese characters.”

The Dragon’s Eye by Joël Champetier, published in 1999

Réjean Tanner is a spy from Earth on New China, a world light years away from Earth. When his superior, Commander Wang, is shot Tanner is entrusted with a top-secret mission: make contact with Chen Shaoxing, who’s been deep undercover for years and collect the information he’s gathered. When he gets close to Chen he finds out that he’s officially on vacation — but really he’s disappeared.

For much of the book it feels more like a spy novel than a SF novel. But it’s a good one.

The pace picks up in the 2nd half, with Tanner running around trying to complete his mission.

It seems that this is Champetier’s only book that’s been translated into English, at least so far.

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