Agents of SHIELD (season 4)

{5/5} “I know no one wants to hear they’re just an avatar in a digital prison, but sometimes that happens and here we are.”

Agents of SHIELD season 4, aired in 2016-17

SHIELD has a new director, and the old team has been broken up. Coulson and Mack are field agents, and May is training agents. Fitz and Simmons are working in the lab, and preparing to move in together. Daisy has gone rogue, and has found a man whose head turns into a flaming skeleton. Radcliffe has created an android who can convince some people that she’s human.

They kicked things up a notch when several members of the team were replaced by androids. I also liked the episodes when the team was trapped inside a virtual reality — similar to the “mirror universe” episodes of Star Trek.

Once again there’s a distinct possibility that not all characters will make it to next season. Also, when you’re in a virtual reality people who have died in the real world could be alive in there.

Stars Henry Simmons and John Hannah.

Parminder Nagra guest stars as a senator who’s against inhumans.

I previously reviewed season 3.

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