The Black Unicorn

{4/5} “It had been necessary to become the Paladin in order to survive, and he had therefore done what was necessary. But the transformation had been a frightening thing, a shedding of his own skin, a crawling into someone else’s — someone or something.”

The Black Unicorn by Terry Brooks, published in 1987

Ben, Questor, and Willow all had disturbingly real dreams on the same night. They decided they all had to follow them to find out the truth. Ben went back to Chicago to check on his old partner Miles. Questor went in search of the hidden books of magic. And Willow went in search of the mysterious black unicorn. All the dreams were sent by Meeks, though, who takes this opportunity to return to Landover and take Ben’s place as King.

This is the sequel to Magic Kingdom For Sale — Sold!

If you liked the previous book you’ll like this one. There are some splendid aspects, like the identity of the Paladin and the magical nature of the unicorn.

Other aspects got a bit tiring, like the fact that Ben spends virtually the whole book confused.

I’d thought that I had read this book before but it wasn’t familiar at all so perhaps not.

These Landover books are good, but I’m looking for books that are great. I’ll be moving onto other things.

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