{5/5} “This whole project is one big lie told to 600 people.”

Ascension, aired in 2014

The Ascension is a generational ship headed to Proxima — it’s 51 years into a 100-year voyage. It left Earth in secret in the 1960s. A woman on board the ship has been murdered. There’s a bit of a division between upper deckers and lower deckers. And there’s a little girl who seems to have a sense of beings outside the ship.

This miniseries will keep you on the edge of your seat. They did a remarkable job at efficiently creating interesting characters and a gripping storyline.

There’s a startling revelation at the end of the first episode.*

There’s one aspect of the story that was too mysterious for my taste, but everything else is perfect. A small warning: not everything is wrapped up neatly at the end.

Stars Tricia Helfer and Gil Bellows.

The show was created by Adrian Cruz (writer of Splinter) and Philip Levens (writer on the TV show Smallville).

Spoiler alert

*The ship isn’t really in space. In a reverse Ender’s Game situation, the people on it think they’re in space but they’re really in a huge environment on Earth.

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