Orphan Black (season 1)

{5/5} “How many of us are there?”

Orphan Black season 1, aired in 2013

Sarah witnesses a young woman — who looks exactly like her — jump in front of a subway train. She then impersonates the late Beth for the purpose of taking her money. While that’s happening Katja, another woman who looks like her, gets in her car and is shot. Sarah would like to get her daughter and head out of town but that might be difficult.

This show will grab you right away. It’s delightful watching Sarah deal with the various situations she’s thrown into. It’s also astonishing how the same actor plays such different roles.

The season is absolutely gripping from start to finish.

Stars Tatiana Maslany.

Matt Frewer guest stars in several episodes.

Created by Graeme Manson (co-writer of Cube) and John Fawcett (Ginger Snaps).

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