The Windup Girl

{4.5/5} “And yet here the foreign devil sits, complaining about the tiny prick of a needle, but completely unconcerned that he has destroyed a ten-ton animal in the blink of an eye. The yang guizi are strange creatures indeed. More alien than he suspected, even when he traded with them regularly.”

The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, published in 2009

In Thailand of the future things are tough, but better than other countries who succumbed to disease or rising sea levels. Emiko is a windup girl, a “new person” who’s been genetically engineered to obey. Anderson is a factory owner who’s secretly part of AgriGen and looking for disease-resistant food. Two huge factions of the government, Trade and Environment, have been at odds and are gearing up for a big fight.

It didn’t grab me right away but it’s worth it to keep reading. Once it gets going you’ll be delighted by the characters and setting.

It’s at times reminiscent of a James Clavell novel, with everybody plotting against each other.

This is the first book by Bacigalupi I’ve read.

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