{4/5} “As far as the brain is concerned, fantasy and reality are chemically identical.”

OtherLife, released in 2017

Ren is a co-founder and programmer at OtherLife, a company that’s developing software that gives you a new memory — of a perfect day. She’s also testing it on herself, and it doesn’t always work right. They’re racing around the clock to meet a launch date. Ren’s business partner is trying to get funding but she doesn’t like the source. Meanwhile, Ren’s brother is in a coma due to an accident. 

This is an Australian movie.

I liked most of it, but one key aspect didn’t make sense.*

The story is suspenseful, and the main characters are terrific.

Stars Jessica De Gouw. Directed by Ben C. Lucas (Wasted on the Young).

Spoiler alert

*How could Ren escape from virtual prison if that had never been programmed?

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